January 20, 2022

Is a high-grade 100% vicose felt available in over 50 colours (see colour chart).

Approximately 30 metres long x 180cm wide.
Available in lengths and coils cut to widths

Toy felt squares:
25cm x 30 cm plain or assorted colours
Decorative felt can also be cut to your preferred size

Decorative felt offcuts:
5.5 kilo bags of great coloured felt all shapes and sizes.

Available treatments: Process undertaken during production
Flameproof, water repellent, non-slip and more
Black flameproof felt kept in stock


Decorative felt can be cut to most sizes and shapes according to your specifications. There is no minimum , we cater for everyone. Can be cut using scissors.

Typical uses for decorative felt:

  • Window dressing
  • Embroidery
  • Hobbies & craft
  • Toy making
  • Show ribbons
  • Notice boards
  • Wall coverings (helps quieten down rooms)
  • Screen printing
  • Interior decorating
  • Car interiors
  • Draw liners
  • Mats in display cabinets
  • School projects

Self-adhesive decorative felt:
90cm wide Red and green standard. Other colours special orders.
Available in lengths, coils, rolls & cut components (see “Self adhesive felt”)

Decorative Felt Colour Chart

Note: Colours may vary from monitor to monitor, use as an indication only.