December 2, 2021

Engineering felt is a unique engineering material. The properties of engineering felt can be controlled to produce different felt with characteristics ranging from soft, supple padding to a hard dense felt for polishing glass and metal.

At the proper density, engineering felt can seal in lubricants, as well as seal out contamination; engineering felt can act as a vibration and sound deadening material; felt is used for lubrication metering, wicking, wiping packing and insulating and felt is also ideal for a wide range of controlled filtering applications.

Engineering felt is primarily used in industrial situations where specific tolerance, thickness and quality are required. Engineering felt ranges in thickness from 1.6mm to 25.4mm and is natural (off white) in colour. According to the thickness and grade, engineering felt can be cut into coils of any width and length. All grades of engineering felt can be supplied as washers or wads cut to your requirements. Engineering felts are also available with self-adhesive backing and can be supplied to just about any size and/or shape (see Self adhesive felts).

Cutting knives are prepared to your specifications.

All Engineering Felt:

We stock two varieties of engineering felt. One felt is made to DIN Standards and a less expensive felt made to British Standard. If there is little room for tolerance “DIN” will be  more suitable or if you require a great quality felt and find tolerance is not a concern then “British Standard” will be sufficient for your needs.

Tested according to DIN Standards ISO: 9001:2000 DIN Reference: DIN 61200 Normal operating range: to 93 C Colour: natural (off white)

Tested according to British Standard

Chlorofluorocarbon and bromofluorocarbon compounds are NOT used in the manufacture of any of our felts.


‘A’ Grade

This is a high grade, high density felt recommended for precision uses where maximum durability and resistance to wear is required.

Density: 0.34 grams per cubic centimetre Width: 1500mm

Typical uses:

  • Bearing seals & gaskets
  • Brakes, clutches & anti-vibration
  • Polishing pads & wheels machine mounts
  • Sanding pads
  • Marking nibs & ink feed rollers
  • Lint & air seals in clothes dryers
  • Percussion instruments
  • Robotics
  • Wipers & brakes

Firm White Felt (FWF)

This is a high-grade medium density felt recommended for precision uses where durability and resiliency are important factors.

Density: 0.25 grams per cubic centimetre Width: 1500mm

Typical uses:

  • Lubricant wicks
  • Shock dampers
  • Dust seals & gaskets
  • Grease seals
  • Wipers
  • Anti-rattle & anti-drum pads

‘B’ Grade

This is a high-grade low density felt recommended for uses where abrasion and wear are not important factors.

Density: 0.18grams per cubic centimetre
Width: 1800mm

Typical uses:

  • Oils & dust seals
  • Glass & ceramic industries
  • Bearing housings sound & thermal insulation
  • Ink & oil reservoirs
  • Etching press pads
  • Machinery & motor parts
  • Filter pads
  • Seals for washing machines & dryers
  • Protective padding for knee & shoulder pads

We can cut all of our engineering felt to what ever size you require. We have presses, guillotines, slitting machines and now a flashcutter click here to see what it can do!