October 27, 2021

Hi, we were customers about 30 years ago as Ian Ritchie Manufacturing producing gun racks and cabinets. We bought rolls of self adhesive felt in 40mm widths to line the holders on our racks and protect the guns when on the racks. We recently resurrected some of these rolls which have survived several businesses and 30 years and are currently using them in a totally different application. Unbelievably they are just as good as they were 30 years ago. The felt is pristine and the adhesive is as good as ever. Just something for your “isn’t that interesting file” —

Ian Ritchie (Director)
Online retail fashion accessory


Hi Michael

Thanks so much for your support in supplying felt offcuts for our ‘Screen Capture’ exhibition in Brisbane.  I’ve attached some images of our finished work, and a link to the gallery website. You will see JJ Davies mentioned, with a big thanks 🙂

Kind regards,


Hi JJ Davies crew,

A few months ago my collaborator, Gemma and I placed an order for roles of adhesive red felt, cut into strips for an artwork. I wanted to thank you guys for doing such an ace job for us, the work turned out really well and we couldn’t have done it without your help. I’ve even attached an image of the work, so you can see what we did with it.

I also have another project on the go, for which I need some red felt – non-adhesive designer felt please. Would you be able to give me a quote on 3mm and 5mm rolls (180wide) in colour red #366? I need 15 metres of it for September.

Thanks so much,