January 20, 2022

A thick protective felt available in rolls and blankets with many uses beyond furniture packing. Other names are: Removalist Pads, Packing Pads, Removalist Blankets and Packing Blankets.


Made from recycled materials to make a soft yet strong protective material.

FPS 540 GSM: 180cm wide X 50mt X 5mm thick 20% denser than the standard packing felt. Great for extra protection and sound absorption. Can be cut to length or to any width coil 25mt long.
Back in stock 90cm wide X 50mt x 5mm think. 

FPI 450GSM: 200cm wide x 50mt roll stiffened felt – carpet & mat backing

Poly Felt/ Vertical Garden Felt
Made from 100% recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles. Available in rolls 180m wide X 25mt. Is not effected by moisture, if the product does become wet, will not rot and will retain its form without sagging or tearing. Ask for a sample or come and feel how soft this material really is.  This felt is great for vertical gardens that are becoming more and more popular. Fill that wall space with a vertical garden!

Available in cut lengths.

Quilted Blankets:
Quilted 650GSM: polyester covered quilted felt, extra large size 3.6mt x 1.8mt
Great for repeated use.
These are removalist’s number one pick!

Typical Uses for our removalist felt range:

  • Floor & Furniture protector felt during renovations or building
  • Furniture removal & storage
  • Horse blankets
  • Sound deadening
  • Floor underlay
  • Furniture making
  • Automotive sound deadening
  • Weed mats & garden water retention

Truck Ties/Strapping:
Truckers choice available in 25mm and 50mm wide in 45.7mts long or in 5mtr lengths.  These straps are super strong and durable.