December 2, 2021

We offer the following services at our Melbourne factory:

  • SLITTING We provide a slitting service for the customer’s own material. Re-rolling and rewind slitting for small to jumbo rolls up to 1.9mts wide. Automatic roll slitting for rolls up to 2mts wide and in some cases, wider.
  • DIE CUTTING with a maximum pressing/cutting area of 1500mm x 600mm using a ‘state of the art’ clicking and beam press to cut our felt and the customers material.
  • KISS CUTTING service for our felt and the customer’s self adhesive material.
  • SELF ADHESIVE can be added to most of our felt also to customer’s material with a release backing paper.
  • REROLLING of just about any material of a maximum width of 2050mm. Make us able to reroll and measure off the widest of rolls.

A recent addition is our ATOM FLASHCUT – A state of the art oscillating knife cutting machine, capable of cutting to a maximum 19mm thickness and an area up to 1 metre x 2 metres. Our ATOM FLASHCUT is computer operated, and capable of cutting just about any shape provided. A line drawing of your product, preferably in a .dxf format is required. It can be used to cut your own material example leather, rubber and most materials. It is great for gaskets, placemats.