Decorative Felt

Collection: Decorative Felt

This felt is high-grade 100% viscose and it can be cut to most sizes and shapes to fit your specific requirements. Our range is made up of over 50 colours and our products can be used in different types of projects, from the traditional to the innovative and unconventional.

Quick Facts:

• We do not require a minimum size to cut. We cater for everyone!

• Our range is made up of over 50 colours. See our colour chart

• Available treatments include flameproof, water repellent and non-slip

• We also stock black flameproof

We supply a variety of designer felt products and solutions:


  • Approximately 30 metres long x 180cm wide
  • Available in lengths and coils cut to widths

Toy Felt Squares

  • 25cm x 30 cm plain or assorted colours
  • Decorative felt can also be cut to your preferred size

Decorative Felt Offcuts

  • 5.5 kilo bags of different coloured felts in various shapes and sizes

Self Adhesive Decorative Felt

  • Available in lengths, coils, rolls & cut components
  • 90cm wide Red and green standard
  • View our Self Adhesive range

Typical Uses

  • Window dressing
  • Embroidery
  • Hobbies & craft
  • Toy making
  • Show ribbons
  • Notice boards
  • Wall coverings (helps quieten down rooms)
  • Screen printing
  • Interior decorating
  • Car interiors
  • Draw liners
  • Mats in display cabinets
  • School projects


We’d love to find a solution for your felt & cutting needs!