Removalist Felt & Packing Felt

Collection: Removalist Felt & Packing Felt

Also known as Removalist Pads, Packing Pads, Removalist Blankets and Packing Blankets, this thick protective felt has many uses beyond furniture packing. We supply both rolls and blankets. We also stock Truckers choice, available in 25mm and 50mm wide in 45.7mts long or in 5mtr lengths. These straps are super strong and durable.


Quick Facts:
  • Our rolls are made from recycled materials for strength and protection.
  • FPS 540 GSM: 180cm wide X 50mt X 5mm thick 20%, denser than the standard packing felt.
  • It can be cut to length or to any width coil 25mt long.
  • FPI 450GSM: 200cm wide x 50mt roll stiffened felt – carpet & mat backing
  • Poly Felt/ Vertical Garden Felt is made from 100% recycled P.E.T. plastic bottles and is available in rolls 180m wide X 25mt. It is not affected by moisture. If the product does become wet, it will not rot and will retain its form without sagging or tearing. This felt is great for vertical gardens! It is available in cut lengths.

Quilted Blankets

Quick Facts:
  • Quilted 650GSM: polyester covered quilted felt, extra large size 3.6mt x 1.8mt
  • It can be used over and over
  • Removalists’ number one pick!

Typical Uses For Our Removalist Felt Range

  • Floor & Furniture protector felt during renovations or building
  • Furniture removal & storage
  • Horse blankets
  • Sound deadening
  • Floor underlay
  • Furniture making
  • Automotive sound deadening
  • Weed mats & garden water retention


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