Miscellaneous Felt Products

Collection: Miscellaneous Felt Products

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    Vibasorb (Anti vibration felt)

    Vibasorb felt isolates vibration, reduces the impact of machinery noise, thus minimises costs, avoids the necessity of anchor holes and makes it easy to move machinery as required. It is available in sheet or pad form.

    Typical Uses:
    • Machine bearing protection
    • Isolation of machinery vibration
    • Impact & noise

    Billiard Table Felt

    Width: 160cm
    Colour: Green

    Typical Uses:
    • Billiard tables
    • Card & poker tables
    • Game tables

    *we do not install billiard table felt, we only supply the felt

    Collartex Felt

    Made from 50% wool, Collartex felt is reinforced and can be used for under suit collars or in a range of crafts.

    Width: 90cm
    Colours: various – mottled on one side

    Tailors Felt

    Width: 180cm
    Colours: Grey & White

    Blackboard Dusters

    Used for black and whiteboards.
    Ideal for office and school use.

    Wiper Felt

    Width: 180cm wide
    Colour: Grey
    Thickness: 6.4mm, 7.9mm, 9.5mm or 12.7mm

    Typical Uses:
    • Dusters
    • Machinery wipers
    • Acoustic control in the building industry
    • Protection of machinery parts

    Slipper Felt

    100% wool felt, available in two densities (rigid and soft) and a range of attractive colours.

    Thickness: 2.2mm

    Typical Uses:
    • Arts & crafts
    • Decoration
    • Millinery products
    • Slippers
    • Toys


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