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Quick Facts:

Chlorofluorocarbon and bromofluorocarbon compounds are NOT used in the manufacture of any of our felts.

We stock felt tested to both British Standard and DIN standard (ISO: 9001:2000 DIN Reference: DIN 61200)

We cut to any size you require

We use presses, guillotines, slitting machines and a Flashcutter machine (read more about our new cutting technology)

We stock 3 varieties of Engineering Felt:

A Grade

This is a high grade, high density felt recommended for precision uses where maximum durability and resistance to wear is required.

Density: 0.34 grams per cubic centimetre
Width: 1500mm

Typical Uses:
  • Bearing seals & gaskets
  • Brakes, clutches & anti-vibration
  • Polishing pads & wheels machine mounts
  • Sanding pads
  • Marking nibs & ink feed rollers
  • Lint & air seals in clothes dryers
  • Percussion instruments
  • Robotics
  • Wipers & brakes

Firm White Felt (FWF)

This is a high-grade medium density felt recommended for precision uses where durability and resilience are important factors.

Density: 0.25 grams per cubic centimetre
Width: 1500mm

Typical Uses:
  • Lubricant wicks
  • Shock dampers
  • Dust seals & gaskets
  • Grease seals
  • Wipers
  • Anti-rattle & anti-drum pads

B Grade

This is a high-grade low density felt recommended when abrasion and wear are not important factors.

Density: 0.18grams per cubic centimetre
Width: 1800mm

Typical Uses:
  • Oils & dust seals
  • Glass & ceramic industries
  • Bearing housings sound & thermal insulation
  • Ink & oil reservoirs
  • Etching press pads
  • Machinery & motor parts
  • Filter pads
  • Seals for washing machines & dryers
  • Protective padding for knee & shoulder pads


We’d love to find a solution for your felt & cutting needs!